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Welcome to Hospitality Industry


Infrastructure is one of the key strengths of any hospitality institute. AIHM provides the most suitable academic ambience for education and training in hospitality. The accomplished infrastructure has been created according to functionality, current trends and adequacy. Additionally, the institute has exclusive labs, modern kitchens, air-conditioned classrooms, a well stock library, state-of-the-art laboratories, sports facilities and more to keep the institute equivalence to international standards. The institute is keen towards offering adequate learning and training assistance to its students. The hostel is well equipped with all possible amenities for students to make a comfortable stay.
The institute offers the following infrastructure to support the activities conducted on its premises.

Training Food Production areas

The Basic Training Kitchen (BTK) is offered to the first year students of the Bachelor's Degree programme and CCFP to get all the relevant information about food production. They are instructed in the fundamentals of kitchen work with a reward of tasting their own creations. Hence, training kitchen facilities are beautifully used for imparting skills in food production to the students. It equips the students with the art of culinary science which involves food production and knowledge about various cuisines as well as bakery and confectionery. The second year students of the same programme also acquire the knowledge and skills needed to cater to the demand of regional cuisines of India. The advanced training Kitchen (ATK) is available for trained students of the third year of the Bachelor's Degree programme to know and whip up national and international delicacies.

Training restaurants

Elegantly designed restaurants are used for offering training to the students in vivid aspects of food and beverage service that entails basic to advanced layouts and functions. Students aspiring bachelor and diploma course in food and beverage service and obtain verbal and practical training here. They are trained to better understand and perform the basic service of food and beverages, pay attention to the need of guests and learn to deal with various situations during service practice. Training restaurants include a bar for training students in the art of artifice, and other make-believes.

Housekeeping Lab

Contemporarily, housekeeping is an unacknowledged backbone of an organization in the hospitality industry. AIHM housekeeping lab consists a mock guest room built as per hotel specification and a housekeeping work area. This is the area where the students are instructed to practice the servicing of guest room and how to provide a clean, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere to the guests. The institution housekeeping lab is also used to pass on knowledge of different surfaces, laundry operations, flower arrangements, bed making and more.

Front Office

The front office is the area of a hotel where guest first step in. So it's the responsibility of the management team to think how to create a long-lasting impression on them. The front office lab of AIHM is specifically designed in the form of a hotel reception and lobby to give practical exposure of working in the front office department of a five star hotel. Here the students are instructed in the art of handling a variety of situations through role play, mock reservation, registration and check-out procedures. The area is well equipped with modern amenities to enable the students to work in the front office of any hospitality organization using the modern systems or software for accounting, arrival and departure purposes.

Computer Lab

The hospitality industry has never been untouched with IT revolution. Nearly all the back office work is done with the help of computers. Hotel industry finds ease in accomplishing complex and management operations through computers. In order to best meet the requirement of computer-proficient professionals for the hotel industry, the institution offer training in computers as a part of the set curriculum. Our each unit has a computer lab with fast internet connectivity so that student may take part in research and project work.


Library is the central part of an institute. With the passage of time, the demand of a modern library has also increased as it enable the users to make the most effective and efficient use of its resources and service. AIHM has a well stocked library with a broad range of reference books by both national and international authors on every subject concerning to hospitality. The library also includes some literature on general interest, personal development and a range of periodicals and educational Cds and floppy disks.

Real Time Training

Our institute provides an easy access to the hotels, spa and golf clubs and students can get a practical experience in hospitality education. Our service sets us apart from others.

Well-Equipped Classrooms

The very spacious classrooms is well-equipped with audio-visual aids for classroom, conference & presentation purposes, LCD projector for multimedia presentations, slide projector with screen, a satellite training programme for distance learning, slide projector and more.

Hostel Facility

AIHM offers hostel facility for both boys and girls. The very spacious hostel is well furnished and equipped with modern amenities such as television, telephone, water purifier, water cooler and a kit for indoor/outdoor games. The hostel as well includes dining facilities to the students to enjoy nutritious food.


The institute architectural style cafeteria offers refreshments to students and visitors of the institute. The institute has got dining hall facility to cater 200 students. It offers various popular snacks and beverages and is even an outlet for the bakery products prepared at the Institute. The modern dish washing facility offer ease in washing dishes.

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