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Rules & Regulations

Students are expected to maintain the decorum and pay respect to the faculty, other staff members and colleagues. Every member of the staff has authority to forbid disorderedly behaviour within and outside the institute premises at all times and has to be obeyed.

Unacceptable Behaviour
  • Disrespect to faculty and staff
  • Ragging of juniors, bullying, harassment, etc
  • Use of abusive language/profanity
  • Littering
  • Fighting on premises
  • Possession of illegal material, drugs, arms, etc
  • Stealing
  • Forgery of any kind
  • Coming late or not attending classes
  • Destruction of property

Smoking and consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited on the Institute premises. Students must not attend any classes other than their own without permission of the Principal. Students are required to submit an application before or after availing any sort of leave to the Principal. Conduct of the students in their classes as well as on the premises shall be such that it will not cause disturbance to fellow students or to other classes. The Principal may expel a student whose conduct is not satisfactory and the fees paid by him will be forfeited.


Ragging is a cognizable offence. Ragging of students is strictly prohibited. The Institute strictly follows directions issued by the honorable Supreme Court of India in this regard. Students found indulging in ragging of any kind will face dire consequences at the hands of law, besides being expelled from the Institute. Students facing such situations may report the matter to the Institute authorities. Anti-ragging squads are instituted consisting of faculty and student members for checking and dealing with reports of ragging incidents, if any.

Uniforms / Protective Clothing

Students are required to equip themselves with protective clothing during the practical classes in the laboratories to ensure a hygienic standard while protecting the students themselves. No student will be admitted to a practical class unless properly uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools or accessories as prescribed by the Institute. To promote uniformity and to avoid purchasing the wrong uniform and equipment, details of the same will be given upon the admission of the candidate to the course. Grooming expectations out of class

The following are not allowed on campus
  • Short skirts
  • Halters, tops showing midriff, sleeveless tops and shirts/t-shirts
  • Bandanas, hats and caps(indoors), visors, jeans, Bermudas and shorts
  • Low-cut tops, see-through clothing, low- waisted trousers
  • Overuse of jewelry for both boys and girls
  • Overdone or garish make-up and overdose of perfumes/after-shaves

In short, sloppy appearance, unshaven, overgrown hair or beard, moustache, floppy chappals/sandals will not be allowed.

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